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Sometimes, someone asks “hey, did you read that article in The New Yorker?” or “did you catch that story on NPR?” Sorry! I might look like someone who reads and listen to intelligensia stuff, but the truth is I’m only friends with people who do, and I rely on them for summaries. I’m too busy watching So You Think You Can Dance.

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  1. I heard this quote recently: “Life is too short to read The New Yorker.” And sigh, this is very true. My TNY subscription runs out this month and am contemplating whether I should renew or not, even though I barely cracked open a TNY magazine all this year. On the other hand, I notice that I have no problems reading my Entertainment Weekly cover to cover.

    Yay for SYTYCD!!

  2. i think i would just collect the tny. we do the same thing with net flix and the ny times. i’ve heard people are stressed out about tny — it’s a great publication but it has a LOT of content. we probably all have information overload. ew is even TMI for me. i read their online pieces on shows i’m obsessed with, like i loved their analysis of lost

  3. Car commute = NPR. Bathroom reading = TNY. That’s why I never finish stories in either medium.

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