In the movie Greenberg, Ben Stiller plays a mid-life crisis New Yorker who stays in his brother’s L.A. house, walking everywhere. He spends his days slowly building a dog house for his brother’s dog and filling his time with whiskey and writing letters to the editor and letters of complaint. Some days, I feel like him. It’s not just that every time I go to L.A. I’m the only one on foot everywhere. It’s also because, although I have very little free time, I find myself writing letters of complaint. For example, a US Airways customer service rep was particularly snarky to me, and I took the time to compose a carefully worded, artfully argued letter of complaint email to the airline. WHY??? Greenberg.

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  1. The best was you walking around in the desert for the Palm Springs film festival. I think even fewer people walk in Palm Springs than in L.A.

  2. oh yeah, i remember. it was me, joggers, and homeless people on foot. thank god you and will came. i would have died in the desert otherwise. and if i’m remembering wrong — sorry. i just have multiple memories of you guys rescuing me in cali.

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