Herbie Hancock

One of the random reasons Husband and I are meant to be is that he knows the same music I do. I started singing that one hit Herbie Hancock had in the 80s (can’t recollect the title, but the music video creeped me out–remember that shot of the closet with the three sets of mannequin legs that did synchronized kicking? Ewww.) He sang along with the chorus (whuh-whuh-whuh/whuh-whuh/whuh-whuh-whuh-whuh) and the bridge (wii-wii-whuh/wii-wii-whuh) without batting an eye. The song is instrumental and I know the phonetic spelling of the chorus might be difficult to comprehend in writing, but I’ll sing it to you the next time we hang out so you can know what song I mean.

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  1. I just found out, after five years of marriage, that my wife had never heard one of my favorite songs, “Jet” by Paul McCartney & Wings (if you don’t know it, Tina, get Husband to sing it and/or play the record for you, pronto). It was one of those “I don’t know you at ALL” moments.

  2. YES! Rockit. I forgot it totally.

    Okay MC, will ask Husband about Jet b/c I’ve never heard of it for sure. I might only know one Wings song. Correction, I’ve seen one Wings video b/c I remember seeing Linda McCartney enthusiastically lip-synching (that’s just what I assumed at the time, who knows why. I guess I couldn’t buy the wife of a beatle as a musician? so wrong). i want to hear about aha, but will shoot you an email offline in case it compromises journalistic integrity

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