baby days

Nothing new to report except that the baby has really dry, DRY skin that makes him look like the rock guy in the Fantastic Four movie. I’m trying really hard not to start calling him Crusty.

Each day bleeds into the other. Husband recited a research summary on jogging strollers that he said I told him.

“Really? You don’t remember having this conversation?”
“No. I mean, that sounds like me, geeking out on research, but I’m drawing a blank.”

I’m not even sure if I’m quoting that conversation accurately. One of Mom’s co-workers advised to savor these days, because the baby days zip by quickly, but I think all of life goes by quickly.

Fortunately, Mom took off two weeks and came every day to help cook, do laundry, take care of the baby (feeding, diapers, etc. There was an awesome stretch of like five poop diapers that I somehow missed because Mom or Husband took the lead. Awesome.) I can’t tell you what an enormous relief it was to have her help. It really makes me feel like I got a leg up on this new mom thing, which is wonderful even if it’s a feeling that’s fleeting.

And not to be dark, but to be dark, it makes me think of how I’m going to appreciate the gift of this time when she’s gone. So for me (the dark girl with the overactive imagination fueled by anxiety and a perennial sense of loss, boo-yeah) every day is a baby day.

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