cindy lou, whoville

Far be it from me to take any wisdom from Grey’s Anatomy (which is mostly OR make-out scenes at this point — literally, one actor gets slammed to the left of the frame, the other actor is slammed to the right of the frame. Then they repeat, taking off their scrubs, etc., etc., etc.) They have some hokey scenes, but they also have some well-written, honest speeches that seem to capture some undeniable truth about life. The bit I’m highlighting from a recent episode here is not in that latter category.

One of the pretty boy actors advises Meredith Grey to be like Cindy Who in Whoville — after the Grinch steals all of the gifts, the Whos still get together and sing carols on Christmas day. Basically, no matter how f*ed you are, be happy.

I know that bit is kind of silly and simple, but I am trying that attitude on for size as my sleep deprivation and hormonal inner four-year-old leads to ups and downs, anxieties about the future (e.g., going back to work full-time and only seeing the baby asleep, etc.) Wish me luck.

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