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pedobear-fort-pedo I just worked on the second day of a short zombie film, and my friend’s one-year-old is crawling around the apartment like an iguana, till he settles under the table. My friend said this is one of his favorite spots in the apartment. I forgot how when you’re little, cozy spaces are the best and I remember that I also used to love hanging out under tables. My mom used to make me pb/j-no-crust sandwiches in a barn lunch box and silo thermos of milk, which I would have under the table while everyone else sat in chairs. Another cozy space memory is when my aunt bought a fridge, we were allowed to keep the cardboard box, and my cousins and I took turns sitting in it. Husband says all kids like cozy spots. That’s why forts are so popular.

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  1. I’m always yelling at my kid not to climb under the table during meals, but maybe I should lighten up. If he was quiet and still, that would be fine, but he gets bored and tries to tickle me and I’m afraid I’m going to kick him in the face. Also, it’s not that clean under our table.

    My kindergarten teacher made a cozy spot for me with a pillow and books under her desk, where I could go when it all got too much. She was the best.

  2. I have the fondest most amazing memory of playing in a cardboard box that was for a piano – the biggest best fort ever. Now I better understand Teo’s love of being under the coffee table!

  3. g, well, i think the fear of kicking your son in his face is a legit reason for him not to be allowed there. i was a quiet eater. i love your time out spot. j, glad you had a cardboard box. makes our family sound less freakish.

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