Checking in from the office – R.I.P.

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Was it a bad day? Well, it started with a scarcity of subways, which means a lemmings-packed commute (so fun). In the morning, there was a hole on the bottom of my coffee cup, which led to spectacular coffee spillage over papers on my desk, keyboard, and the entire front of my dress (awesome).

Got in a fight with the Husband (great), Dad locked himself out of his apartment (yes).

At the end of the day, at least I have the stuff my dad steals from McD’s.


And I have this fake sandwich in my office to keep me company.


P.S. We’re not allowed to blog during business hours. I think my office was slightly chagrined to find out that they can’t really completely forbid it because it’s not illegal, but they do what they can. But I guess they have a point in not encouraging employees to not work during the day. (Whatever.) I will post for my audience of seven people from home!

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  1. That’s a spectacularly bad day! I’m commenting from work, sticking it to the man! Aw, man, I have a meeting to go to now.

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