images10 images25 I took this train wreck weight training class before the holidays that reminded me that teaching is an art. The two fellas, who looked all of 15, used our class as a guinea pig to try out their teaching skills. While one guy would say sit down on the mat, the other one would immediately contradict him and tell us to stand. While one told us to do sprints, the other directed us to do squats. Very confusing. Completely chaotic. Reminded me of my job. I tried to feel sorry for them, rather than angry, so I would minimize my time in Grumpyville. On the positive side, it made me realize all my other gym teachers are mega-experienced and awesome. After class, I immediately texted my old trainer and told him he was a god.

The boys were in shape and probably do know a lot about fitness, but it’s one thing to be good at something and another to explain it well so someone else can do well. I’ve never taught and I don’t want to, because I don’t think I have the enormous intellectual real estate it takes to teach well. My dad asked me to teach him how to play the flute recently, which I was excited to do, but once lessons actually started, I realized, I had no idea what I was doing or how to explain what I knew. So kudos to you, if you teach. Not easy!

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  1. Your post made me really think twice!! I just signed up for a private Pilates session. I hope the instructor is good. Eek!

  2. ehh, you know, it’s not easy to teach fitness but there are tons of great teachers out there and pilates is supposed to be EXCELLENT for the bod, so i hope you have a good one. did you go through a gym or are you doing one of those studios with crazy contraptions?

  3. crazy contraptions all the way! i did a mat class at NYSC and only achieved in hurting my neck. oy!

  4. let me know how it goes. it is supposed to be crazy good for the core. like you can hang on a ladder, make your legs go in a 90 degree angle for hours. i think you will be able to join cirque du soleil after your training.

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