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  1. At least it wasn’t “my wife which died” cause then I’d have to say “Your wife was a witch?” and then he’d say “She’s not a witch she’s my wife, my wife which died” and then we’d start all over again…

  2. My pet peeve is people who say “The thing is, is…”.

    One of my best friends does it all the time and I desperately want to point it out, but he can be a little touchy sometimes. I think he averages about 23 minutes of sleep a night because he’s got two young children and he gets up at 4 AM to go to work. I’d be touchy too, which is why I don’t point out his little grammatical no-no.

  3. wait, mc abe, why is that wrong? i’ve never heard of “my wife which died.” that’s so wrong. i’m constantly battling business people on “its” versus “it’s” but that doesn’t make me want to gauge my eyes out for some reason

  4. It’s the two “is”s (“is”es?) that are wrong. It should be, “The thing is that M.C. Abe has an unnatural fascination with Tom Jones, at least for a heterosexual,” not “The thing is, is that…”

    And yes, I do have awesome grammar, thanks to both my parents who drilled it into me throughout my childhood. (Now I’m freaking out that I made a grammatical error somewhere in this response. Crap.)

  5. excellent example and thanks for explaining it to me. my grasp of grammar is spotty at best. grammar and wisconsin design were my downfall in secondary school. did you guys have that in nyc? it was just a series of tortuous geography lessons that i just could not decipher no matter how much the teacher yelled

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