the pacific rim

I went to an audition yesterday (I was AWFUL, I forget how much preparation I need to not suck and did not have the time to not suck), but you know, what they say, you know the actor in the first 30 seconds, and my first 30 seconds just got weird, like laughably bad. The director, in a huge effort to not appear un-PC, made a big to-do about what roles I’d be willing to play.

HIM: So before you get started, I have to ask you this question, because you never know when people are going to think, and we all need to be sensitive, but would you be willing to play any kind of character?
ME: [trying to remember my lines and not get distracted] Sure. What do you mean by that?
HIM: Any kind of character of Pacific [mumble].
ME: Pacific what?
HIM: Pacific rim, Pacific RIM.
ME: Oh, Pacific RIM. Do you mean like Asian people?
HIM: Yes.
ME: I want to play Asian people and non-Asian people. I want to play all parts. [pause, thinking why he’s asking such a weird question] I wouldn’t want to do anything offensive, which I would talk to you about, if I felt that way. [self-conscious of talking waaaaay too much]
HIM: Oh, no, no, no, nothing offensive.
ME: Okay, cool.
HIM: So you’d be willing to play Japanese, Chinese, and Korean would be okay.
ME: Totally. [picturing people in kimonos]
HIM: Great, so what do you have for us today?
ME: [totally blanking] Um. [pause] Uh, Bad Dates by Theresa Rhebeck?

The bit that made me laugh was “Pacific Rim,” because I’ve never heard anyone actually say those words. I thought only like the SATs says “Pacific Rim” those words. This is a great case to me of the value of not talking about race, just doing your job. Thank you.

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