tina fey and john mccain

Mostly, I have hopped on the Tina Fey love train, but earlier in her career, she seemed fake to me — someone who packaged herself as a feminist, but then dug John McCain. I know she is liberal, but she’s alluded to her love for this gentleman in the past, posed with him on a magazine cover (I couldn’t find it!), sneaked in a line on “30 Rock” of her liberal guilt for loving him, and my friend Nancy saw her at UCB admiring McCain for surviving Hanoi torture, in particular noting he cannot lift his arms above his shoulders.

And thankfully, she’s clearly on the side of the left with this upcoming election, but SERIOUSLY, Tina Fey, STOP YOUR JOHN MCCAIN LOVE! HE’S NOT COOL!

Read this Rolling Stone profile of McCain if you don’t believe me. Total good ol’ boy. Maverick, my arse.

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  1. I think Tina Fey’s affection for The Maverick stems in large part from his relationship with SNL. He has hosted and also made a few cameos, and apparently, he was a great and fun guy to work with. During the primaries, Lorne Michaels even donated the maximum amount to McCain’s campaign (Michaels also donated the same amount to one of the Dem candidates).

    This actually reminds me of what you once said about how no one’s hands are going to be clean if he/she has made it to the level of presidential candidacy (horribly paraphrased, sorry). I think McCain must’ve been a more than decent guy, but in his pursuit of the presidentship, he’s kinda had to turn into an ass.

  2. i know, i shouldn’t bust on tina fey. i just am happy she has stopped publicly liking him. i can see how he can be charming in person, but everyone running for office is scary.

    At least obama is smart and his wife wears H&M, and I know he’s green, but I admire that he has been steadfastly anti-Iraq war the whole time.

    Rudy Giuliani was similarly funny and fun on SNL, but in practice, a major ahole, major bully, harassing even people who have given him a hard time on the phone with the NYPD. But boy, was he funny when he dressed up as an old Italian grandma in one of the skits.

    On a more positive note, while watching the debate last night, I was shocked — b/c I can’t believe a black man is actually running for president and might win! That is so cool!

    I sound just like the freaking media. Do i have any opinions of my own or is that last paragraph quoted straight from a Spike Lee interview?

  3. The second greatest thing about Tina Fey is that she makes spectacle-wearing cool. At last.

    But really the greatest thing about Tina Fey is that John McCain is doomed to lose this election because of her. Go Tina!!! Bet John didn’t see this one coming when he picked his lipsticked pitbull from Buttfuck, Alaska to be his co-president.

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