fuerza bruta

Last Friday night, I got to go to “Fuerza Bruta” with my friend Mike, the 10:30 p.m. show, which neither of us thought we’d stay awake long enough for. Long gone are the party days, dude. But we both ended up having a lot of fun in this just you know, artsy-fartsy, techno-music aerialist show. We danced our butt, we laughed. The actors interact with the audience, dance with them. There was one little girl in the audience they paid a lot of attention to, which was nice. And there were a lot of neat things about it, but my favorite part of the night. was running into the little girl in the bathroom. I said, “You’re a good dancer,” and she said “Thanks, so are you.” And I totally blushed. Rad.

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