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  1. I like SB dark roast coffee because it is strong, bitter and burnt and costs less than 2 bucks… the same as I like my men. It’s the fru-fru drinks that do you in. (Danny’s extra-pump no water chai tea latte is putting us into bankruptcy, besides I die of embarassment everytime he sends me in to order it). The comedian Lewis Black says the longer your coffee order, the bigger an a**hole you are. But I love my girly-drink swilling man (he prefers alcoholic ciders to beer too). I guess I lied about the strong bitter and burnt–he’s more snoopy, sweet and undercooked.


  2. Yes you are misguided-don’t fall for what ads says. DD pays minimum wage and SB has health benefits. That’s why they cost more.
    DD has you fooled but good!

  3. What is an “extra-pump no water chai tea latte”? Is that extra chai tea mix with no water (but with milk)?

  4. k, that was hilarious and i love that you order danny’s drink despite the humiliation. i have many moments like that for david, yay snoopy men! ha ha. i just got an anonymous note that DD pays minimum wage and treats their workers like sh*t and SB at least has health insurance, which i forget. i always hope if i get fired, i’ll go to SB for the insurance. and i’m getting used to their intense burnt flavor.

  5. Who is your anonymous emailer? On the flip side, though, DD is run by independent franchisers, usually immigrant families. I can’t help but be a little sympathetic to them, having grown up in my parents’ grocery store.

  6. sorry girl, i have no idea. i do notice a lot of DDs are manned by indians, and if they are okay, then i feel free for going back for my iced decaf.

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