music in my future

I think this summer I’m going to study guitar. Nothing crazy, just a few self-taught chords, I think will help me. I make up songs all the time, mostly b/c I like to sing around the house but never remember any real tunes. They’re all usually about two seconds with two lines, and are about some household chore, and go the melody of “My Pretty Pony.” I actually sang a few last night for Jesse’s friend who is a composer — for what ungodly reason, I do not know. Just suddenly seized with a spasm of nothing being shy in my body.

I tend to forget any “original” songs that veer away from an existing melody, like “The Wind is not my friend when I make tape loops” (which I made up when we were taping down table cloths at my friend’s wedding last fall), I always have to ring my husband to remind me what it is. I dunno. Maybe I want to grow beyond “Hutchinson Parkway, Will You Take Me Home” (made up when we were stuck in traffic when we were on the….you guessed it, Hutchinson Parkway, and again, goes to Pony theme.) Here are the others:

* Chita Rivera, Kiss of the Spider Woman (this is only b/c when I’m in black tights, I look like I have Chita’s body at age 79)
* Dream Girls
* Friends
* F*ck You Stud Finder

I think there are more, which I’ll add later — not to torture you so much as to remind me. I actually have some ambition to create a musical, so learning an instrument with songwriting intentions would be cool. Maybe I’ll regale you with Van Morrison at some point…whoever that is.

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  1. My friend thought you were great. You should take up that singer-songwriter career because the world needs more people like you, keeping it real in a sensible way.

  2. what are you commenting for? are you in ireland? ha, i’m seriously going to try to write some songs more extensively, and your friend is lovely and our visit reconfirmed my “i’m a big fan of jesse jou” status

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