my inner incredible hulk

Wow, so the job is kinda stressful right now. There’s been a recent promotion that like if I were on the “Hills,” would feel like people promoting Heidi over Lauren as the lead character, but whatevs. My main point is someone at work said some mindless racial comment that made me explode. First, it started with “do you know karate,” which I was like “thanks, yeah, all Asians know karate.” And then segue-wayed (how do you spell that?) to the familiar “ching ching chong” stuff and suddenly, I became enraged and totally EXPLODED and read this guy the riot act, red in the face, and firm. After I exploded, he tried to joke with me, and I returned “oh, now you want to joke with me? After you insulted me? i’m not interested in being your friend. Be a racist on your own time, not in front of me,” etc. etc. etc. I mean, I was like the soul of a strict step aerobics instructor possessed my body. Other people came forward to calm me down after initially being stunned, because I’m usually low-key. Later, he apologized and it’s fine.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother because the people who make those kind of stupid remarks have the IQ of a num-chuck and if you flip out every time it happens, you get pooped. It’s not you can get mad at a mentally retarded person for being retarded, etc. But I think because of the Hills maneuvers, the exploding bosses, the not knowing what I’m doing with my life, and the fifth comment of its kind I’ve dealt with led to my rare Incredible Hulk moment. Eeee gads.

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