dancing with the stars

What is up with this show? I don’t mean just the ratings, but did you know all the stars and the ballroom dancers keep hooking up? I guess it’s the intimate nature of ballroom dancing and jazz hands, but what’s messing up my equilibrium is that these ballroom dancers are a new breed of reality stars and keep hooking up with legit stars! Like one of them hooked up with Gerard Butler from “300.” Gerard! You had abs of steel in that movie! Surely, you could make out with say a Lindsay Lohan or a Halle Berry. And you know what, Gerard Butler hasn’t even been on the show, so he has no excuse of things just getting “crazy” when he was learning a routine. He’s just supporting a new strain of reality stardom. Where is your self-respect, man. It boggles my mind, people.

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  1. really? why! does he hook up with everyone? i just know he smooched that one dancer b/c she told people magazine. now if i smooched someone, i would may be tell you and a handful of other friends, like thirty of them, but that’s it.

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