bidets in korean restaurants

So I’m trolling the web, b/c you know, it’s the busiest time of the year in my office, and so I find it the best time to see what’s out there, and I encounter this blog’s post of a commercial for a Korean bidet, which I can’t play at work, but perhaps you can play it at your job and get in trouble.

All of which reminded me of the fact that Koreans like these super high-tech toilets. And this past winter, when I used the restroom at a Korean joint, I encountered of these sophisticated contraptions. There wasn’t really a traditional flushing lever, there were like nine options, none of which I understood (because they were all in Korean), but that was okay with me, because I usually just press buttons before I read instructions or details anyway. And I was super-curious about like what do these buttons do? Like rinse you in a special way? Turn the water purple? Do your dishes, walk your dog, hold you while you weep softly? I pressed an orange one, and a shot of water totally got me in my eye past my glasses and left a streak on my beautiful dress. ha ha ha. Winner move.

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  1. WHAT? what the heck? first i thought maybe your comment had to do with the bidet commercial but i finally watched it at home and i have no idea what it means. ed, please educate me.

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