have you seen this already?

Have you seen Ike visits Bobby Lee\'s family? This clip is kinda older and from Mad TV, which is very hit and miss. But it’s about a cast member visiting Bobby Lee’s family, to whom I kinda-sorta-not really related to. (My cousin Aimee married Tom Bobby Lee’s cousin, but they don’t really talk any more, so does that count? My friend Alex L. was working on a commerical that cast Bobby Lee and freaked him out by trotting out the names of “Tom” and “Sue” [Sue is Tom’s sister] and witnessed his mind melt from the result of worlds colliding.)

In any case, I love this video. Bobby Lee is such a freak, like he’s always just in his underwear for every sketch on MAd TV, and I think they even staged an intervention. This clip is totally ridiculous AND it features Bobby Lee’s parents, and it is my dream to write a script and act in it with my parents. I really think it would give me immense pleasure to see them woodenly, but adorably, deliver lines. But the two oldies won’t even consent to being photographed so I’m not sure if I can get to agree to be in a play or short film. Hmmm. Maybe if my husband was in it too…

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