my triumphant return to step aerobics

Last night, I returned to my Wednesday night step aerobics class at the gym, which I had to miss the last two months b/c I was taking a screenwriting class. And my return….was glorious. I can’t really explain why I love this class so much. Is step aerobics cheesy? Yes. I mean, the teacher plays Celine Dion, and, yes, he wore a lace baby doll for the Halloween class, but still, I just have so much fun there that I start fantasizing that maybe one day, there will be a step aerobics contest at work and I can be the secret weapon for my company. You know, where I dazzle all with my expert step aerobic prowess. It comes close to what I think my dream job is — dressing up with Molly Shannon as the Catholic School girl and crashing into furniture. That looks like so much fun I can’t stand it.

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