uh….”tropic thunder”

tropic-thunder_l.jpg Have you heard about the new comedy called “Tropic Thunder” about a group of actors playing soldiers who are actually left in the jungle to deal with real combat? Robert Downey, Jr. is playing a black man…I kinda think that’s not a good idea. Not being it’s definitely offensive, but when there’re more parts of white actors, can you leave the parts for folks of color for the non-whites so they can earn some cash? It’s kinda like when Owen Wilson bragged that his part of “Oscar Choi” in “Armageddon” was cool b/c they didn’t change the last name when they cast him. Uh, no Owen, actually, you’ll get parts all of your life and Daniel Dae Kim will only get parts as long as “Lost” is hot, so you can throw the peeps a bone? Thank you.

On another note, why do actors want to portray characters they are not to such an extreme degree? It’s kind of like when actors play mentally retarded people. It’s like some major gateway to get to this moment where you wear your pants over your waist and wear a backpack and talk funny. Even Sean Penn succumbed to it in that movie with Dakota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer (what’s it called), where Pfeiffer was like “I’m learning more from you than you’re learning from me!” Why do actors do this? You’re never going to be retarded! If you’re right next to a retarded person, you think we’re not going to see the difference? ARGH!

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