oh sayid

images4.jpg You know, there are days when even the gossip rags bring you down. Britney is going bonkers, Heath Ledger passed away. I need to hear about wardrobe malfunctions, people, not this sad stuff. I have the regular news for that.

But all is not lost, as it were. US Magazine recently did a photo montage of the “Lost” stars captioned with their secrets on staying in shape. While most of the actors cited kickboxing or yoga, or running, weight-lifting as their primary, aid, the actor who plays Sayid, the ex Iraqui military commando on the show said his secret was buttered toast. If you don’t know the show, he speaks very slowly and carefully. So lines like “I will slowly flay your skin away until you scream to the hills” sounds methodical and clear, just the way he’d give like instructions on say…how to get your whites whiter. So hear that tough-guy voice for: “There is something about buttered toast that is so satisfying but not too filling. It gives me just enough energy.”

That made me giggle.

And another thing, if you’re a fan of the show and you want to see something totally weird, click here for a link that link features cast members with their body doubles. Creeeeeeepy.

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  1. Hey, let’s do another post-work Borders meetup to pore over celebrity rags and to get accosted by weirdos! That Naveen Andrews is a hottie and I love his brilliant buttered toast answer. Less Kate and more Sayid/Desmond/Sawyer(James) please on Lost. Deepa said she opened up a recent US or InTouch and saw a pick of AaronY. partying it up with Mary-Kate Olsen at Sundance.

  2. oh my god. i can’t take it! we should email aaron and tell him not to get sucked in by those kewpie doll eyes. somehow, i think aaron and mary kate would get along

  3. I LOVE buttered toast. Especially when you order it at a diner and it’s simply soaked in dairy goodness. But somehow it doesn’t have the same fat eliminating/muscle defining effect on me. What am I doing wrong?

  4. ME TOO. freaking love that stuff. Dunno why it doesn’t work. Maybe you have to be a tortured artist play a torturer? I think he’s lying.

  5. oh my god!!!! HIS HAIR alone was outstanding. david and i were, OH MY sayid. it was so weird to see him with the wavy, smooth dude hair…or james brown hairl i love the season so far. it rocks. i even like kate.

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