I was hanging out with Husband last night at the U.S. Open and they played some heavy metal song that was vaguely familiar to me.

Me: Oh my god, is that slayer?
Husband: Metallica.
Me: What are they saying in the chorus?
Husband: “Exit Light, Enter Night.”
Me: Oh. I always thought they were saying “Amstel Light, make it right.”

And then he just looked at me like I was an alien. Whatever. Amstel Light is a good beer.

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  1. Sachsy says:



  2. tlee says:

    sachsy, i’m on breaking the new dawn (or whatever the title is)! i’m back in full fan mode.

  3. Sachsy says:

    Oh yeah! Much better than the middle books right? The next one MIDNIGHT SUN is supposed to be Twilight but from Edward’s perspective. You can go on her website to get a taste.

  4. tlee says:

    oh my god. i’m not going to get my life back for a long time….

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