my sad inner teenage life

I was not expecting much when I picked up this up, and by “this” I mean “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer. (Mom was one of the people who first mentioned it to me, saying “oh yeah, she’s a 29-year-old Mormon housewife who never wrote before and her books are NY Times bestseller.” And I was like “Oh really? She can suck it.”)

But something happened to me during my quest to be a published Young Adult writer — I have regressed and have become completely HOOKED on YA books. It’s sad really. It’s like whatever they ladle out, I smack my lips and eat it up. “Twilight” is an unabashed high school romance where the girl gets a crush and can’t wait for Monday so she can see him again — but this time the crush is a HOT VAMPIRE!!! I read this stuff to the point where I neglect the Husband, the Job, the Housework. Eeek!

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  1. It reads like she’s a 29 year old Mormon housewife who never wrote before. Trust me. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely absorbing, but seriously, in terms of artistic and literary merit….um….it’s a total Mary Sue.

    Of course, once I read Twilight, I read the rest of them in the span of 3 days. I am sick.

  2. classic Mary Sue. Would totally read it in three days if I coudl get the library copies. As it is, i reread some flirt scenes in the first one….which is really just sad.

  3. Sachsy has not only read all four books, she has been re-reading them for weeks, to the point of ignoring her cute and highly entertaining husband for hours at a time. Thank goodness I’ve got the ProcrastiNation Palace to turn to!

  4. oh my god jesse, if you could direct a play based on teh books with harnesses and really really hot actors playing the vampires, i would be up in new haven in a heartbeat. am going to come up anyway, but would be very excited to see my teen fantasies reenacted

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