words, words, words

Here are the words Baby can say so far:

* hi / bye (hi sometimes means phone)
* no / yeah
* ah-bah (dad in korean….though Baby calls my dad ah-bah)
* poop
* pop
* bubble
* mom (a thrill for me, though he calls Husband Mom as well)
* duck
* more
* goo (for water…so our vocabulary is getting worse, b/c we call it goo too)
* book
* ball
* backpack
* dog
* yay
* up / down
* oh no
* harp
* apple
* out
* all done
* bah bah
* shoe

2 Responses to “words, words, words”

  1. M.C. Abe says:

    Dude, my kid has, like, four words, and she’s only four months younger than Baby. Did he develop all his language skills in the last four months? Please say yes.

  2. tlee says:

    your kid can’t point “d” on the iphone. i’m so not worried! i feel like auggie started with 10 words, but in the last month, like quadrupled his vocabulary, but v is a girl, so no doubt she will run circles around him.

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