Floating Lantern Festival

One of my fb friends (so not exactly a friend, but someone who is an acquaintance who has probably forgotten they friended me since we haven’t spoken in years) posted images from the Floating Lantern Festival from Thailand. These images are so beautiful that I’m almost motivated to want to go…but then I think about the public bathroom line situation, the bugs, the jet lag, then long drive after the flight, and I’m more content to look at footage like this and this. I think the dude who made Spirited Away would really like this festival. It’s just so freaking beautiful and magical. (That’s right, MAGICAL.)

2 Responses to “Floating Lantern Festival”

  1. M.C. Abe says:

    I have nothing to say about floating lanterns, or our former friend. Just wanted to remind you that it’s been four weeks since you posted anything. Your audience waits with bated breath for your next utterance.

  2. tlee says:

    yeah, i have no comment on that former friend, though i loved the images. thanks for your kind post tony!

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