We took Baby out as Superman briefly on Halloween night. It was very exciting in our neighborhood, packed with trick-or-treaters, and a lot of the fancy brownstones were decked out with cobwebs, graves, and smoke. Husband was home on a rare night off, so we thought it would be fun to show Baby a night on the time. (You know, fifteen minutes of night on the town.) Plus, I really wanted a Kit Kat. The first few houses where we said “Trick or treat,” the candy handouts came with a “Hey, oh I see, you brought your baby out so that you could get candy.” So busted, like immediately. I was too embarrassed to respond, so I just looked down, hoping Husband would do the talking. (They may have been joking, but they were actually speaking the truth.) We made Baby hold the bag for candy after third house, which brought us some cover, but even I could only force us to get seven more pieces of candy. Too much shame.

4 Responses to “halloween”

  1. M.C. Abe says:

    There’s still a half-full bowl of mini Snickers bars outside of someone’s apartment on our floor, so come on by anytime.

  2. tlee says:

    ha ha, i’m going to

  3. fyb says:

    If you were closer I’d give you some of our kids’ loot. They have so much candy! Too much!

  4. tlee says:

    i bet they can have it all year long.

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