Spam comment ho

I’m so stupid. I got a comment that said “Great site! ciao :)” from a user named “NY-Sunbed.” And me, being a pig for compliments, allowed them in. Only when I went to their link did I realize I had been taken in LIKE A FOOL, defeated by my ego needs once again.

Spam is disease, people. It’s so hard to avoid the innundation of advertisements. There are so many questionnaires or sign-ups that dangle the possibility of free prizes as a reward. My husband loves these. I don’t understand it. I’m like, honey, you know that you can’t win a free laptop by sweepstakes, right? You know that, RIGHT? But he keeps on believing, whereas I’m more comfortable being the skeptic. Thing is, I tripped up and answered one of those questionnaires, and do you know what prize caught my eye? One of those motorized thingies where you can stand and speed around. I don’t even know what it’s called. I saw it once on “Frazier.” I don’t even really want one and even if I did, there’s NO room in the apartment for it. Now my personal email account is going down in flames with the endless ads that follow.

4 Responses to “Spam comment ho”

  1. nnk says:

    You must mean segway:

    I love that you put your skepticism aside to try and win a segway of all things. But I’m sorry that it was spam and not a legit contest because seeing you zipping around on a segway would SO. MAKE. MY. DAY.

  2. tlee says:

    oh my god that’s hilarious. thank you! i’m posting it images on next

  3. tlee says:

    i want one for my office, so i can just mow people down when they’re rude to me in meetings

  4. nnk says:

    Or it could be convenient to zip away from boring or tedious conversations. You just press go and roll away while someone is in mid-speech.

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