images22.jpg Nothing like the prospect of the sun burning out to put your petty office grievances into perspective. Saw Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine” on Friday night, and I LOVED it. It had a lot of disconcerting neat visual and audio effects, and featured three of my favorite things about movies:

* anything sci-fi or that shows life in the future (this includes “The Jetsons”)
* anything that is even mildly existential
* anything that features Asians (not including porn) (This had three! Two from Asian and one from the U.S. Woo hoo!)

My friend Nancy says I have to give up and just accept that I’m Asian and into it. *sigh* My long identity as an atheist Jew is dissolving slowly….

4 Responses to “Sunshine”

  1. Michael Lin says:

    Be proud of your heritage my golden sister!

  2. tlee says:

    oh, i LIKE golden sister. no one’s ever called me that before

  3. Sachsy says:

    It’s better than be called a golden SHOWER.

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