Working Out

Oy, I lift weights and do cardio three times a week and do cardio on my “off” days, when what I really want to do is just watch TV, drink wine, and eat ice cream EVERY DAY. What if I just give up and wear a sack for the rest of my life, like these:


I can get them in like crushed blue velvet so my friends won’t be embarrassed by me. Someone else at work asked if I was expecting this morning. Ha ha ha ha.

3 Responses to “Working Out”

  1. Sung-Ji says:

    Why not combine it all? Eat ice cream, chase it with a glass of wine all while watching tv on a treadmill. That’s what I do. Just go slow – you don’t want to regurgitate on a treadmill, believe you me.

  2. tlee says:

    ha ha, whatever, stick woman

  3. sung-ji says:

    Time is the great equalizer. Time and food. Look at Tyra Banks!

    The metabolism of our youth is fleeting. By the third decade, ALL women’s metabolism slows down. It’s a law of nature.

    So here’s what I say: I justify my nightly ice cream consumption with daily amounts of exercise. That, and no more bikinis for this chiquita. As a bonus, I time my elliptical workouts to coincide with reruns of Law & Order. Should I feel tempted to stick around for the next episode, at least I’m working off that burrito. Better living through bribing yourself with guilty pleasures!

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