My Five-Year Plan

images2.jpg Yo, someone at this conference asked me what my five-year plan is. I don’t think mine is normal for Corporate America, but includes publishing a book, getting in shape, enjoying life more, and dying my hair blue. Dude, as soon as I get fired, I’m streaking my hair blue. I can’t wait. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but feel self-conscious of since I work in an office right now, but please, what am I afraid of? What people think?

Oh and I got hit on my a fifty-year-old at my work conference. Oh yeah, I still got it going on.

3 Replies to “My Five-Year Plan”

  1. Me too! The blue I mean… But I want mine that electric blue from the eighties. spandex blue, I guess… tho recently I’ve been diggin on my silver and only wish I cd speed it up and be really eurythmix looking (speaking of concerts I’d love to be at)…

    So your cd… maybe 3 of them (playable by any technology mehopes) will be in the mail tomorrow. I’d say today but I want to be realistic.


  2. I’m thinking like blue streaks so I don’t damage all of my hair — like really bright chunks of blue. I’m beginning to like my silver too, but I just never got to do hair rebellion other than shaving part of my head. I’m so excited for the cds, kiki, that’s super generous of you and a wonderful pick-me-up, as I’m as struggling to not look completely disenchanted at my job. Thank goodness no one here can read my mind.

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