random truths

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* Soy ice cream tastes like chaulking material (at least the stuff in our house).

* In the suburbs, someone is always out mowing their lawn. (Subway congestion annoys me, but I forgot about the annoying sound of lawn mowing.)

3 Responses to “random truths”

  1. Husband says:

    Some soy ice cream is creamy and yummy. Apparently, not all soy ice cream is created equal.
    And I like the sound and smell of cut grass. Somehow it reminds me of affluence. Or bourgoisie-ness.

  2. tlee says:

    yeah, the smell of cut grass is pretty good, but the sound of lawn mowers drives me crazy,just the way vacuum cleaners make me crazy

  3. tlee says:

    Husband wanted to correct me and let me know that’s it’s “caulking” not “chaulking” but he showed super human restraint to not correct me in public. hee hee

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