vince vaughn babysitting service

vince_vaughn_and_owen_wilson_eat_ice_cream Although I have three kids, don’t hire me as a sitter, because I’m a little lazy. Sometimes, my spirit animal is Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. It’s not really, shall I say a GREAT model to follow when parenting, and yet I seem to have little impulse control when I think something might be fun. The kids are bad news when it comes to vegetables, but I’m told that they all eat sweet potato tatter tots. So while we were all watching “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel in the living room, I thought I’d pass them out as a pre-dinner. Flat out rejected, man, which is so discouraging, so I cornered Husband and started a game of Tater Tot Toss. It’s not a game that exists in the world, but he’s game, so when I tried to throw the rejected tots into his mouth, he attempted to participate. I missed almost every time. When it was my time to receive, I was swarmed by children intent on stuffing innumerable tots into my mouth. Chaos ensued and I realized I have some bad parenting instincts. That is all.

bruno mars

You know, I never paid Bruno Mars too much attention before because he records a great deal of ballads, and I can’t stand ballads. Just the other day, I was listening to John Legend croon something about “All of me loves all of you, all your curves and sharp edges,” etc., and I puked. That is so far from a representation of love that would ever fool me or draw me in. Do you have to be an embryo to enjoy that sentimental approach? Maybe. I am SO hardened and middle-aged that when I hear things like, it makes me yak inside. BUT I have to say this song by Bruno Mars, because of his dancing. The song itself is so-so, but my god, the way this young man moves! So light on his feet, graceful and reminiscent of the effortless gliding of Michael Jackson. I love everything about the video from the casual-looking choreo to the 80s hip-hop influenced attire. Check him out on SNL for a live version of the same moves. Still so, so cool. What a pleasure to watch.

Slip, sliding away

images This morning, sidewalks were encased in ice. As I approached my subway, which you have to go downhill then uphill to access, I saw an Asian grandpa with his 12 year old grandson clinging to a fence. The boy had cute sneakers on with no tread I assume, for he slowly began to slide away from his grandpa, completely upright, toward me. I caught him in both my arms, and then we both began to slowly slide away together, til another commuter yelled “walk on the snow!” Duh, oh yeah. It snapped me out of my floating away and got me back on track. I ran into a neighbor on the subway who said she got to the station by forming a human chain. It’s the type of weather to bring people together.

Reminds me of a time when when I was kid in Brooklyn eons ago, also in winter and icy conditions, how my mom had to hug me so I wouldn’t wipe out as we skated down the street. It seemed so impossible to get through without her help, her strong grip.