super cool human trick

easy-yo-yo-tricks-11c You know what cool trick I can do now? If First Son steps on my throat or places his forearm on my adam’s apple to climb over in my bed, I can sleep through it. Sure, there’s a momentary lack of breathing, but I just choke and stay unconscious. Thank you.

“though she be little, she is fierce”

fierce This is another quote from Midsummer Nights Dream, which is taken out of context (in the play, it’s Helena saying it disparagingly about Hermia). It is all over every little girl product you can buy, but it perfectly describes Wonder Twin Girl, or at least right now. She is insistent on getting her way, she has to practice new skills over and over again, she wants nothing more than to cross the street alone — and all this, even though she is very, very wee. If she is displeased with you, she lets out this piercing, high-pitched eaglet cry that never ends and rattles your equilibrium. In truth, hanging out with her can be a bit of a pain in the bum sometimes, because she behaves like she’s an eccentric blue-haired old lady billionaire and i’m the hired help, but I still like her. I hope her headstrong ways, her fierce stubbornness will serve her later. You need it in this world, especially las chicas!

the guy other than Husband who got me through my pregnancy

act_jeremy_lin He’s still at it! He’s busting butt! No sports guy in my office is impressed with him, but to them, I say, take a hike. Like I posted previously, every time I could weep with exhaustion during the twins pregnancy, I said, “What would Jeremy Lin do?” and the answer was never freaking quit. This young man is still my freaking hero.

david harewood as oberon

david-harewood See David Harewood, formerly of “Homeland,” do is a bit of Oberon from Midsummer Night’s Dream here. He is no schlub, has major guns, and possesses a sublime voice. See, when you work on something over and over again, it’s quite helpful.