matthew perry

9th Annual Lili Claire Foundation Benefit I had an anxiety dream featuring Matthew Perry. We were going to act out “America the Beautiful” but because I went to the bathroom at the nearby mall and got distracted by all these video monitors and stories Husband was telling me, I wasn’t back in time and missed our cue. Matthew Perry was so pissed and I felt completely awful!


blondie_band She was truly a stunning woman in her youth. (Not bad as a senior citizen, but not close to the way she was when younger. Sorry! We can’t all be Helen Mirren!) I love the punk edge of her look back then too, of course, and look at the live footage – no synchronized choreo back that with dancers in lame.

Also, in “Rapture,” the rap middle about the Man from Mars eating cars? He eats cadillacs, lincolns, something something and subarus? Scared the living beejesus out of me when I was a kid.

parenting, hooray!

There was one point today where Wonder Twin Boy was utterly inconsolable. Probably had to do with a skipped nap, subpar (in his opinion) lunch options. After straightjacket-holding for a spell, he slept, but when he woke up, still outrageously inconsolable. He rolled around the floor. I tried lots of different distractions and snack options, and do you know what actually worked? The only thing that worked was when I sang “can’t touch this” and tried to dance like mc hammer. I think he was so horrified/shocked, he had to stop wailing to see what I would do next.

When I caught him smiling, I went toward him, and he his his face so I wouldn’t get a big head. Soooooo very tired.


aging-process Aging is a wild, bizarre process. This weekend, I noticed how thin and older my mother looks now (though she took a Zumba class today for the first time, so I can’t dismiss her so quickly). I am aging too. I cannot tell you how strange it is. I still remember being a kid, so I think about what my kids might perceive of what’s happening around them. It is a shame, in a way, that we are not the same age, so we can enjoy the same things together, but I’m only saying this because of Harry Potter is on cable.

“we did it!”

dora I think what’s special about parenting is that it gives you an opportunity to feel like a failure every day.

Thank you.

FOR WINTERFELL! (For childhood friends, I thought of the cry of “FOR ORADELL” today!”)

parenting lessons

images (1) How do I teach my daughter that all things with a twist top are NOT a fruit pouch?

Message to Twin Girl: Like can you not eat the diaper cream? Sand is one thing (on the beach, both babies eat lots of sand), but zinc oxide does not belong in your digestive tract. It’s not like I smear a banana smoothie on your butt. And while I’m on my wish list, can you not pull my dress down in public? I really would like to flash Foodtown only ONCE. (Only never, actually, but that wish has been blown.) Thank you.

game of thrones

images I’m reading the Game of Thrones books, because the DVDs take a long time to get at the library. It is lovely escapism that fills me with an urge to rush into a crowd and yell “For Winterfell!” but there’s like no outlet in my life where I can safely express that. I mean, at home, but…they all ignore me.

phone call

candy-bars-candy-31188137-1280-853 I so rarely get to speak to First Son on the phone, and when I do, it’s so delightful, because this tiny voice comes across and says things like “hi mommy, I have green,” etc. – something where it makes no sense to me. But his disembodied voice reminds me of how young he still is. He sounds like what I imagine candy would sound like. Specifically, good and plenty’s.