tilda swinton

downloaddownload (1) Dudes and dudettes, check out the incredible spirit of Tilda Swinton here. Here is at Ebertfest, conducting a dancelong, what she called a spiritual service in honor of the recently passed Roger Ebert. She is accompanied by Ebert’s widow (I can’t remember her name but she is a big-shot Chicago lawyer, whom Ebert credits for giving his life so much joy. He fell for her children and grandchildren, and has said it just opened his world up in a way he did not know about. Having read about his recent stuff — disfiguring cancer that took his voice box, his appearance, and his will to live, which he pulled through thanks to her [she promised if he lived, she would find things for him that would make life worth living] — I rather like him. He has a strong passion for film, his family, and just seemed pretty happy in the end.) Anyway, when I saw this video it was accompanied by text that said Tilda Swinton is an alien, but when I watched this I thought how Swinton seems to be a pretty nice person, pretty happy with an expansive spirit, which just makes me want to quit everything and figure out how to be that expansive again.

jason mraz

Normally, don’t care for Jason Mraz. He’s like a wet sock in terms of music, but they re-wrote his sappy love song for Sesame STreet. and I freaking love it! The perfect song to me is the meeting of the right words with the right music, here, it’s when he talks about how awesome the earth is and you’re surrounded by love. I EAT THIS UP! Click here. The values promoted by Sesame Street are so unlike those of Corporate America. It’s wonderful.

P.S. First Son has long since moved on so I have to listen to this song by myself. Quel Sad.