This is on my shuffle and for some reason, I’ve gotten obsessed with it. It’s about the demise of a relationship, and there is soemthing about the combination of the words and the sound of the cymbal during the chorus that is perfect and so sad. Take a listen.


For me, the world is a more beautiful place because my children are in it.

On a separate note, 2012 was an endless series of calamities, where Husband and I switched off playing Guardian of the Sanity. You know what, 2012? You can suck it. 2013 is mine. I called it, I get first dibs. It is SO my year.

On yet another separate note, First Son and I danced so hard to a rendition of “ABC” that our downstairs neighbor banged a broom on his ceiling. I don’t like getting in trouble, but it was so much fun and it is so good to have a giggly toddler and it feels so good to have a four-chambered heart. (What the hell do frogs do to release stress.)


Husband got me this beautiful sweater for Christmas one year. Very artsy, black, a bolero type of thing, but thick with yarn. I love it! But when I wear it, I feel like a Muppet. I think these thick bulky pieces are supposed to go on stick-figure models. Oh well.

lovely bones

The Lovely Bones was the first picture I saw where I identified with the parents and not the protagonist. It is a dark story, of course, and not necessarily a great movie, but I remember it because that was kind of a big shift for me.

P.S. When I tell this to Husband, he tells me that I have told him this fact repeatedly. I have no memory of this, so I will keep telling him. Hee hee. Poor guy.


Just to be obnoxious, where are my Asian dwarves? Whatever Hobbit.

Husband asked if I was pumped to see this, since I was so completely obsessed with Lord of the Rings (I had a dream where Elijah Wood as Frodo was my boyfriend), and I said “meh.” Just feels anticlimactic after the huge trilogy. Do they really need to have made this?

bourne legacy

This was one of the movies I saw recently, which was absolutely perfect for my current I.Q. This spy guy and this lady scientist are on the lam and escape corrupt, violent government agents for two hours, bonding over dramatic assasination attempts in exotic (…or Asian) locales. When the final shot shows them, temporarily safely hidden on a boat in a stunning ocean scene, completely off the map, they smile at each other, it left me with thought “Oh my god, you guys, I think he’s going to ask her out!”

starbucks poem

De café
Whipped cream

Thank you.

(It just takes like five minutes to say your entire order. You deserve something, you know?)

this is what i am like at home

I am Maria Von Trapp, singing and dancing my way into children hearts. I actually do sing and dance about 10% of the time, because there is an inevitable time when the Wonder Twins both want to be held and since I can’t pull that off, I stun them into silence with my moves and voice. They stare at every moment in appalled shock. First Son keeps playing with trains. He’s already seen my schtick.

one direction

I like this band, or their one hit, is that bad? No one else tells me “you don’t know you’re beautiful and THAT’s what makes you beautiful.”


I recently rented Melancholia by Lars Von Trier from the library, and it was wonderful, a terrific argument for the validity of film as a medium. I guess I’m so into TV series now, I forget about movies, but this came up with a series of sumptuous, strange images that deserve a large screen and combined it with Beethoven’s Ninth. Really neat story and creative ending. The lead character is severely depressed, but I found the whole experience of watching this as very uplifting. Yay, art! One point!