gwen stefani/mariah carey

Gwen Stefani. Mariah Carey. What do I have in common with these ladies, aside from the obvious? Like Gwen, I had two major loves of my life and married the second. Like Mariah, I am going to be the mother of…twins. I stopped blogging for a while, since my thoughts have been preoccupied in some kind of State of Emergency mode, but I realize I should start writing about them and thinking about names so I can actually become attached to the Kajillion Children about to enter our lives.

I have been referring to them as Kajillion Children, instead of Twins, because it somehow makes me feel less anxious. I also need to start think about their names. I’ve called them Tabitha and Napoleon, which I thought was from the ether. Turns out those are the names of the hip hop choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance. To read more about Mariah’s twins, go here. My mom actually cited Mariah as a role model – as in “Daughter, these twins are going to kick your arse.” I had to tell her that Mariah is someone who gets carried on stage, even when not pregnant.

adam scott

You guys, I love this actor purely for the nerdy love interest he plays on Parks and Recreation. He and Lesley Knope are a match made in nerd heaven. I am EATING IT UP.


I have a colleague who has suffered a great deal and is very sweet, so I try to always be pleasant to her…but she possesses one of those relentlessly positive attitudes that I find difficult to stomach. When we talk about how exhausting children are, she might say “But then you see them, and it’s all worth it.” Is it? Is it really? I’m not saying I’m not crazy about Baby, but when he doing something like say, kicking me pretty hard in the boobs, the voice in my head is not going “awww, my sweet angel.”

What I realized this morning (and I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this previously) is that it’s not so much that I have a problem with her being positive, but more that she insists that I also be positive. To me, that’s like having a cup of coffee with a religious fanatic with no mutual listening going on – and me and positivity have a checkered past. I enjoy reading about it online and in books (see self-help fetish). I find it relaxing, the way some may enjoy bodice-ripping, paperback romances…but in reality, I will most likely always toggle somewhere between Paralyzing Anxiety About the Future; Good Spirits; Not So Bad; Cranky from Lack of Sleep; Could Be Better, Could Be Worse; Happy/Punchy….and Drunk from Two Glasses of Wine.

words, words, words

Here are the words Baby can say so far:

* hi / bye (hi sometimes means phone)
* no / yeah
* ah-bah (dad in korean….though Baby calls my dad ah-bah)
* poop
* pop
* bubble
* mom (a thrill for me, though he calls Husband Mom as well)
* duck
* more
* goo (for water…so our vocabulary is getting worse, b/c we call it goo too)
* book
* ball
* backpack
* dog
* yay
* up / down
* oh no
* harp
* apple
* out
* all done
* bah bah
* shoe


I read on this gossip column I like where two of the authors commented on how they changes into pajamas as soon as they get home, and how this was something only Asians do. Dude, I totally do that. or years, Husband has made fun of the fact that I am in my PJs by 7 p.m. for years. I didn’t realize it was cultural.

Floating Lantern Festival

One of my fb friends (so not exactly a friend, but someone who is an acquaintance who has probably forgotten they friended me since we haven’t spoken in years) posted images from the Floating Lantern Festival from Thailand. These images are so beautiful that I’m almost motivated to want to go…but then I think about the public bathroom line situation, the bugs, the jet lag, then long drive after the flight, and I’m more content to look at footage like this and this. I think the dude who made Spirited Away would really like this festival. It’s just so freaking beautiful and magical. (That’s right, MAGICAL.)


Hey, the episode of Bored to Death I had the teeniest part for aired last night. Cool! I wonder if you could see my face and if you could, if they used the one time I actually managed to cry on cue or the other time when it was 2 a.m. and I did not give a sh*t about acting and just wanted to kick off my cheap heels and lie down on the floor. At some point, when it comes out on DVD, I will rent it from the library. In the meantime, my friend Nancy sent me the picture, which was very sweet and it totally made me smile, and I’m not a smiler.


We took Baby out as Superman briefly on Halloween night. It was very exciting in our neighborhood, packed with trick-or-treaters, and a lot of the fancy brownstones were decked out with cobwebs, graves, and smoke. Husband was home on a rare night off, so we thought it would be fun to show Baby a night on the time. (You know, fifteen minutes of night on the town.) Plus, I really wanted a Kit Kat. The first few houses where we said “Trick or treat,” the candy handouts came with a “Hey, oh I see, you brought your baby out so that you could get candy.” So busted, like immediately. I was too embarrassed to respond, so I just looked down, hoping Husband would do the talking. (They may have been joking, but they were actually speaking the truth.) We made Baby hold the bag for candy after third house, which brought us some cover, but even I could only force us to get seven more pieces of candy. Too much shame.

land of brutes

Husband picked up Baby today at daycare. He said one kid came up to Baby and smacked him. Baby turned around and smacked him right back. The teachers also warned him that we would find “light bite marks” on Baby’s chest. WHAT THE HECK!