Clinton Trades Gibes With North Korea

hill I love her, but yesterday, here’s the exchange traded between Mrs. Clinton and North Korea:

Mrs. Clinton: “Maybe it’s the mother in me, [but] the experience I’ve had with small children and teenagers and people who are demanding attention: Don’t give it to them.”

North Korea: “We cannot but regard Mrs. Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community. Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.”

I know North Korea is looney, but how is it a good idea to say that publicly, especially when we’re trying negotiate the return of two American journalists sentenced to 12 years of hard labor? Is this a secret way to get them to show their cards in the nuclear disarmament process? Politicians have to analyze up and down the possible positive and negative effects whatever they say to the press, If she said this out of losing her temper, ugh, I love her, but I’d say no global leader post for you. Here’s the article.


xining-mosque15 89235503_4hqvyshn When I see photos of outside a mosque, I wonder how people ever find their shoes.


twiglihgt This quote on CNN about Twilight made me giggle:

“Any ‘Twilight’ fan can tell you that they’ve been written so well, that they’re real,” said John Henson, a 33-year-old costume designer who collects original clothing from the film. “It was the second book, ‘New Moon,’ that made me a fan. It was chapter three, and it was the breakup of Bella and Edward; it hit me so hard emotionally that I had to cancel dinner with friends. At that point I was 29, 30 years old, and to make me cry? That’s when I knew Stephenie Meyer was a brilliant writer.”


summercamp-2007 kinopoiskru-harry-potter-the-half-blood-prince-723737 Yesterday, my friend’s daughter went to “Harry Potter” as her activity at summer camp, which made my friend and I want to enroll in camp immediately. Her other camp activities include “The Play’s the Thing,” where the kids put on plays or practice theater things all day. This, for some reason, made me flashback to law school camp.

Mom really wanted me to go to law school. She still does. Maybe that’s why I spent one summer indoors, writing and delivering opening and closing arguments with other 13-year-olds instead of, like, swimming. (I did get to go to tennis and more normal, outdoor camps too). But really, if Mom really wanted me to go to law school, she should have sent me to like Minimum Wage camp or something, or this-is-the-quality-of-life-as-a-theater-artist camp. That would have sealed the deal.

oprah, no babies

madonna-david-bandaangelina_jolie-kidsoprah-winfrey I find it interesting that Oprah has never had kids or adopted. She’s like a bit humanitarian, so you’d think third-world kids would be part of the deal, like her superstar peers Angeline Jolie and Madonna, but I guess not. Maybe she doesn’t feel maternal? Maybe she feels content to give money, work hard, and hang out with Gayle? I’m just curious.

shrimp chips

images1 images21 Maybe it was just the ’70s, but every time we visited one of my folks’ friends homes, they have a big bowl (usually like a ginormous crystal one) filled with colorful shrimp chips. I remember one home had the crystal bowl on a stem, placed in a central area of the master bedroom. Other homes had them in dining rooms, and in each of these homes, I couldn’t help but eat the shrimp chips.

They weren’t necessarily my favorite…and sometimes, they were a tad dusty, but I think I was too delighted with the idea of food as decor to mind either of those factors. Plus, the colors were pretty. I didn’t eat the whole thing, but yeah, maybe a noticeable chunk would be missing by the end of the visit and no one would know why b/c I was a surreptitious five-year-old. If I were a guest at your house, I could also be counted on to look through your fridge and all of the drawers in your rooms. Sorry.

So You Think You Can Dance

images2 images Okay, so I really will watch anything, but I do like when people pop and lock. My one complaint of this show, aside from the overscripted puns, is the drunk middle judge known as Mary. If she likes your dance, she just starts screaming. She’ll just go for the high-pitched screech and holds on, till the other judges cover their ears. It’s really awful, and I keep wondering, “When are they going to fire that drunk lady?”