My co-worker sent this to me…and “Tina, I’m becoming just like you” simply b/c she packed like six tupperware containers for her lunch. (I always have like eight every day because Husband makes my lunch fancy. I know. Total score). And I said to my co-worker “okay good, now you just have collect a stash of plastic bags, preferably from Duane Reade and CVS, that you will never use.” I’m a senior citizen….and it’s amazing.

so how about a monarchy?

If we brought back the hereditary monarchy system, we could definitely end up with a boob, but this way, you save hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign capital that you could apply elsewhere, like you know, towards rebuilding New Orleans or reducing the class size nationwide (the one characteristic that studies consistently name as the true tool to raising scores and improving education, but conservatives still favor charter schools — most likely b/c someone is personally benefiting….but I digress). It’s not like an election guarantees schmuck-free White House.

I think you will eventually see the beauty of my idea, especially in the upcoming weeks of barack/mccain/palin/biden saturation. Because honestly, after the fiasco of Bush, the Dems should have a shoo-in, but it very well may slip through their fingers as it always does. Republicans win because they are fantastic at marketing — that’s what elections seem to be about now. I don’t know a lot about Obama but I know his “I believe in hope” brand, and sure, I’ve had questions about his you know, not-so-long leadership experience, but I think it would be completely fair for him to win, since right wingers get in all the time, not due to experience, record, or point of view, but of one-liners they implant in the public’s head. The Rove Machine successfully categorized Kerry as a flip-flopper, and Kerry was done. It’s all about the copy, people!

Whatever, I have so many directions I could go with this and I’m more disgusted than I thought about the way we elect officials, but let me leave you with this note — how come Prince Harry and William are so cute when Prince Charles is their dad? Seriously? Unless Prince Charles is your thing, then my apologies.

nick jonas

How is this mop-haired Jonas brother the one connected to all these cute pop stars? First, Miley Cyrus then Selena Gomez, and the other two brothers are much better-looking. Why do I know this? These kids look 13 years old to me, except when they wear makeup. Maybe you can’t help but know this stuff. Even Husband, who’s pretty immune to pop culture unless it has to do with Mariah Carey (I’ve busted him twice reading US Weekly features on her hospitalization back in the day), knows who the Jonas Brothers are. Get with it.


I’m a little disturbed as to how much sports I actually watch now on TV and outside of my house. I can now identify Eli Manning on the Giants and a variety of baseball players on the Mets. Even more alarmingly, I actually understand how innings and scoring operates in baseball. (I blame Husband for all of this.) But the sport that I’m beginning to love is tennis — dude, U.S. Open, the way those people play, tennis is a beautiful, and Roger Federer is beautiful. I have even gone to his web site, so you know I’ve reached a new level of sad.

Husband thinks I might be taken with tennis because I played on Varsity in high school — not that being Varsity was impressive at my school. Some people, like my pal Alex, actually had talent, but someone like me got through b/c no one else was around. I was like the girl who would scream the “s” word at the top of her lungs as I ran for shots that felt as far away as another coast. So not fitting in the kind of gentrified world of the courts, so not a sign of the disciplined mind that you need to compete.

As we watched Federer trounce his opponent recently, I told Husband my special shot was to let the ball bounce twice before I hit it. What can I say, I’m a little lazy.